In a strategic move to jumpstart professional boxing in Ethiopia, the boxing federation in Addis Ababa has unveiled a foundational semiprofessional tournament certified by WABA to prepare the country for the first professional boxing event March this year.

According to the President of African Canadian Sports Association (ACISO) Mr. Solomon Bereh who doubles as the WABA Commissioner to Ethiopian and Canada, the event took place on end of this year in Addis Ababa.

The WABA Commissioner alluded that “It is known that we have decided to work in cooperation  with ACISO, as we have stated before on different websites”.

He said that” he and his team are making great efforts and activities to bring our country to the professional competition.

He further said that “in order to achieve this, the Golden certificate of encouragement for those who cooperate with us,  given to the members who gave us their time and knowledge without wasting their time and knowledge”.

That members unanimously decided to recognize, they would like to congratulate these heroes.

Ethiopia has formed a formidable Board of sports technocrats to manage the ongoing process led by the chairman of the board Mr, solomon bereh.

Others are, Professor Kassahun Bekele, Mr. Dereje Desu, Instructor Joseph Negash, Mr. Abdufat Mustafa, Mr, Sintayou Tesfaye.

In addition, they e have prepared a Silver and Honorary Boxing Ambassador Leo Award for 6 former boxers and coaches who are worthy and deserving of the ACISO on board members who have shamed many young people in the history of Ethiopian boxing.

WABA gives thumb up to this positive development and looking forward to bring Ethiopia in it’s Global Family Network.

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