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Our actions

The name above ACISA Foundation A non-profit association dedicated to improving the lives of the poor, it’s a non-political and non- religious charity. I really enjoys helping people in the gym and out of gym where working out and when i has a time, I raises money and sends it to Ethiopia to help my people. Also, I has created a cause ( sharing now ) which is “you have more then 2 share one “ I seeking donation to assist with the distributions of finical aid, including food and shelter as well, over all living condition.

The word ACISA which means “ it’s “African Canadian International Sport Association.“ now let’s get together and help make a difference the world, No small Donation is too small, share thoughts with your family and friends be a member of ACISA foundation Association.

The ACISA Foundation is seeking your donation, let’s get help.

feed the homeless of locally

Discover our humanitarian work with local communities in needs.

provide shelter to retired boxers

Learn about the touching story of Gezahege Rocky .

Our goal

Creating a sport-developed society and making boxing sport an accessible and popular competition, the only way to generate more citizens for this sport competition is to give awareness about the sport from young children to adults, so that citizens can have a healthy and well-balanced body

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