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Boxer Betel Woldu is a member of the Ethiopian national team, a player for Palis Club, and a personal trainer or coach with a degree in sports management.

The Weddad Family, representing Japanese boxing and Kick Boxing, deserves admiration for their skills and dedication, especially as the top female boxer in the field.

It is unfortunate that she has had to step back from the sport she loves due to lack of opponents in her weight class, but thanks to the support of ACISA and Solo International Sport PLC President, she will have the opportunity to compete in a professional belt prize competition on March 24, 2024. We trust that she will make her country proud.

On behalf of myself and the association, I express gratitude for the support extended to Betel Woldu. Additionally, in recognition of her 11 years in boxing and contributions to Ethiopian sports, she has been unanimously selected to receive the 2024 ACISA Boxer of the Year Award.

Sports for all, everywhere!

Solomon Alemseged

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