ACISA Breaking News 2

In the end, ACISA and WABA, as well as Solo International Sports Association, in cooperation with the Ethiopian Ministry of Culture and Sports, gave a bright and beautiful press release.
Ethiopian Boxing is the real true son of the dedicated children under the motto ‘I am for my country and my country is for me” in the best press conference attended by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia, the Ethiopian Diaspora Service and the media bodies of our country.
As this is our first start, we will continue our work by solving our previous problems together, with confidence that you will come out with strength and hard work.
Congratulations again!!

Solomon Bereh

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Creating a sport-developed society and making boxing sport an accessible and popular competition, the only way to generate more citizens for this sport competition is to give awareness about the sport from young children to adults, so that citizens can have a healthy and well-balanced body

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