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African Canadian International Sport Association


ACISA, of Fort McMurray, Alberta shall mean an Association of Canadian African origin in Alberta.


Reference to the male gender shall also imply the female gender, and vice versa


Subject to the governing rules and regulations, a member(s) shall mean a member (s) of the association all over Around Alberta, Canada.


the Association shall mean a short reference to the Organization of Fort McMurray, Alberta

Association & Interpretation

the idea behind community and boxing

The official name of this Organization shall be African Canadian International Sport Association (ACISA). This is a non-profit organization based on the free will and motivation of as individuals.

African Canadian International Sport Association is a non-political and non-religious civic organization that aims to meet the following core objectives.

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Key purposes about acisa

The main objectives and activities

The association was founded on the base of sport activities and mainly workers in the areas described it below us it was established to modernize the sport of boxing and increase it is accessibility with the help of modern methods

Conduct information

Sessions on the history, culture, and economic foundations of sports and training support and supervision from teenager to Young adult to empower African Canadian International Sport Association ACISA boxing competitors

youth counseling

Provide family and youth counseling about sport, to prepare young boxers who are still for domestic and international competition and to facilitate them to have opportunity to compete

promotional event

Organize events to promote football, Boxing, athletes history culture, and economic base

immigrants focus

You’re Welcome who are newcomers to Alberta

career support

Provide information and advice on opportunities for employment and for establishment of small businesses in Alberta and/or else where in Canada

community impact

Increase of the quality of training and exchange of experience with boxing officials who have good conduct and express as well as education and student readiness as boxing families

community support

Facilitating conscience for young boxers to attend National and foreign professional competitions. And Supporting the sport equipment and materials for different boxing gym, training for boxing officials and references by expert with high experience and knowledge, designing boxing competition area and preparing also sports supply

Important stuff

some things you should know

This association maybe headed by a general manager and Deputy manager, however the association will have a different job structure and position this work structure are prepared by the chief manager and citizen who has stable work experience and education can be employed.

– In addition, the founder of the company leads the company as a general manager.

– The term of office of the General Manager also unlimited.

  1. Directors the entry work activity of the association
  2. Full representation before the law in any corporate matter:
  3. Suing, being sued representing a lawyer in the name of the company, arguing in fort of the law, following up and representing, appointing, counseling agents for the company’s work matters,
  4. It can enter into any contract and agreement with any third party of behalf of the company.
  5. In the name of the association , he can borrow money and open a bank account by contracting with bankers and financial institution.
  6. he can buy and sell movable and immovable property in the name of the association, and he can transfer name and make sureties.
  7. according to the rule and regulation of the association, they allow and decide to hire and reduce employees.
  8. prepare eggs online approves the association work plan.
  1. In the absence of general manager he replace and direct the work activity of the association
  2. Monitor and manage the work activity of the association’s subordinates.
  3. Present and prepares the work report and the company’s activities to the chief manager every time
  1. Auditors of the association maybe appointed from among the employees of the company, however, as required internal auditors may be employed to examine and audit the association’s accounts.
  2. The association’s annual account is are submitted to the association and relevant government body during the account Spirit of the year, i.e February 30
  3. The association business hour and account is closing and opening are are from July 1st to June 30th.

General FAQ's

questions about the Association

Each event will be developed to enhance and amplify existing Tourism and Investment marketing strategies annual scheduled per annually over a 10year cycle.

Events be geared as a  strategic brand positioning vehicle and staged at appropriate venues to  best showcase Addis Ababa, Ethiopia as a sport tourism and investment  destination

This event format and lead up marketing will see a focus on driving
campaign messaging and positive imagery with the event platform used as  an additional and strategic multi-channel marketing arm of existing national  and international campaign messaging with call to actions.

Ethiopia Broadcasting National TV will be assigned to run the production  and broadcast link, they have extensive experience and capacity in delivering live broadcast boxing throughout Ethiopia and in the Horn of Africa

All fight cards will present well matched bouts featuring International and African Fighters, fighting for regional, continental and world titles, with a minimum of 4 female fights on every fight bill.

Sponsorship Packages will be developed wrapping in venue and boxing  ring incidental branding with content marketing, broadcast promos,  competitions and traditional TV commercials during the live broadcast and  the full lead up marketing cycle.

Our goal

Creating a sport-developed society and making boxing sport an accessible and popular competition, the only way to generate more citizens for this sport competition is to give awareness about the sport from young children to adults, so that citizens can have a healthy and well-balanced body

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